Thermaspot: easily confirm heat treated items reach 120F

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David James (inventor of the Packtite, Packtite Closet, Bed Bug Beacon, and Bed Bug Blue) has another new product which may improve the way many of us deal with bed bugs: the Thermaspot (TM) Temperature Sensor.

Thermaspot is a small piece of adhesive paper (which can be kept attached to its backing or attached to an object via the adhesive) which tells you if a temperature of 120F has been reached. When 120F is achieved, the Thermaspot turns black as shown below.  For those of us using a Packtite to decon potentially-infested items, this will offer reassurance that the required temperatures were met throughout.

As a Packtite Closet user, I am careful to place the temperature probe in the center of the items being treated. However, sometimes this is difficult to do — the probe may not easily stay inside an item without becoming dislodged.  Perhaps you also want to check temperatures inside a few different items.  With Thermaspot, you can easily do this.

Inevitably someone asks, “why 120F?”

While the actual temperature needed to kill bed bugs is only 113F (45C), bed bugs can live over 90 minutes at that temperature, and eggs were found to live a full seven hours. On the other hand, a temperature of 120F reached throughout the item(s) being treated will kill bed bugs instantly, though eggs will take more time. David James recommends running the Packtite for an hour after the temperature probe placed in the center of the item(s) reaches 120F.

For more on killing bed bugs with heat, see Dini Miller’s very helpful overview Using heat to kill bed bugs (PDF) and an article by Stephen A. Kells and Michael J. Goblirsch entitled “Temperature and Time Requirements for Controlling Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius) under Commercial Heat Treatment Conditions” in Insects (2011).

You can buy ThermaSpot Temperature Sensors at Bed Bug Supply.

Check out this video for a simple demonstration of how Thermaspot works:



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1 lizabeth October 11, 2012 at 7:05 pm

Around a month a go I was laying in bed and I saw this bug on my blanket I wasn’t sure what is was it ran away so fast. Then the next night I saw another one this time I smashed it and saw the blood I was freaking out. I look online and to my horror relized what I had . I started pulling all my blanket off and found them on the zipper .I have a cover that keeps them out. So I dad all the stuff they say do.well I have 2 cats it said on the net they don’t live on your pets. Well let me tell you yes they do!! I have thrown away my blankets pillows ect.washed all my clothes I’m still living out of trash bags then last Monday mycat was sitting on the couch I told her to get down and there they were 5 of them so yes they will live and feed on your pets rubbing alcohol will kill them on contact so will glass cleaner with ammonia in iti have washed my poor cars with alc twice now I hate doing it but that’s the only thing I can find that kills them and won’t kill them..

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