FAQ: Videos demonstrating Packtite use for books, clothing, stuffed animals, etc.

by nobugsonme on January 24, 2012

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The product manufacturer produced the following videos to demonstrate use of the original Packtite to kill bed bugs and eggs in various items including linens, shoes, stuffed animals, and books.

There are also videos below demonstrating Packtite set-up and effectiveness.  Thanks to David James and the Packtite crew for providing these helpful videos.

The PackTite™ How To Series:

How To PackTite™: Shoes

(Note: if I am not mistaken, the word PackTite was first used as a verb by a consumer in our Forums…)

How To PackTite™: Books

How To PackTite™: Stuffed Animals

How To PackTite™: Linens

See this FAQ for more about the original Packtite (as of 1/2012, available in the US only).

See this FAQ for more about the new Packtite Closet (as of 1/2012, available in US and Canada). Note that the Packtite Closet FAQ also contains videos demonstrating set-up and methods for use; note that in some ways, the Packtite Closet is used differently than the original Packtite.

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Actual Footage of Packtite Killing Bed Bugs

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