Exhibits in San Francisco and New Haven feature bed bugs

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Two current exhibits on the east and west coasts feature bed bugs.

The San Francisco Public Library is hosting “Bug Off! An Exhibit About Bed Bugs” from June 4th to August 15, 2011.

The small exhibit focuses on educating people about bed bugs, according to the library’s website:

To help our local community prevent the spread of bed bugs, rather than spreading myths and hysteria, a variety of documents, photos, and graphics will be on display.  A selected list of print, web, and contact resources is included — ask for a copy to take home.

You will find the Bug Off! exhibit on the fourth floor of the Main library, in front of the Business, Science, and Technology Center desk (hey — we did say it was a small exhibit).

Information on the library’s hours and location can be found on this SFPL page.

Meanwhile, The Danbury Times reports that bed bugs are just one of the creatures featured in “Invasion of the Bloodsuckers: Bedbugs and Beyond,” at Yale’s Peabody Museum through the start of 2012:

On view through Jan. 8, the multimedia display features interactive exhibits, giant models, preserved and living specimens, film footage of blood feedings and signage spotlighting the creepy crawlies. Visitors will have the chance to meet these common human parasites up close (and safely).

The Danbury Times reports that The Peabody’s curator of entomology, Leonard Munstermann, wants to help reduce museum-goers fears of bed bugs and other bloodsucking pests.

However, check out the educational game provided in the exhibit, according to this promotional article from the Yale School of Public Health (where Munstermann is a research scientist):

One of the interactive elements, “Spot the Bloodsuckers,” challenges visitors to correctly identify the offending bloodsucker before it can bite its target, a sleeping child.

Oh no!

That may be fun for the uninitiated, but some New Haven residents and students at local universities are no strangers to bed bugs.

You can find information on visiting the Peabody Museum (hours, admission fees, location, etc.) on the Peabody’s website.

Although the scale and focus of the Peabody exhibit is quite different from that of the SFPL exhibit, both look like excellent opportunities to learn more about bed bugs (and in the case of the Peabody, about other pests to be avoided).

If you check out either exhibit, please come back and share your impressions with us in the comments below!

1 CarpathianPeasant July 1, 2011 at 3:56 pm

I don’t care what is done, I do not see the problem being solved in my lifetime, which is true for millions of other people as well, and what is needed currently and for some time into the future is other ways of living.

2 Brigid July 6, 2011 at 2:01 pm

I was reading up on these displays the other day. I think that it is a GREAT effort to try to educate the general public. Those who have encountered bed bugs know more than they wish about the topic, while most of those without don’t know enough to properly protect themselves. Only through wide-spread education will the problem ever be able to be combated.
Not to mention the games and movies that are on exhibit both at the Peabody display, and online are educational and fun!

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