Hints from Heloise on bed bugs at the dry cleaner’s; remember Bed Bug Helloise?

by nobugsonme on June 24, 2011

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Back in the earlier days of this blog, we used to feature a sassy older blogger who went by the nom de plume Bed Bug Helloise, sharing her hints for beating bed bugs and living a post-bed bug life with aplomb and style.

As her 2006 introduction stated,

Bed Bug Helloise is neither a professional decorator nor a relationship expert, and she hasn’t had a date since DDT was banned in the US, but she knows people who have.

Four or five years ago, when the general public did not know a bed bug from a dust mite, the much more famous syndicated household advice columnist Heloise would probably not have considered penning an article on bed bugs.

But in the last several years, the famous Heloise has run at least one other story on bed bugs — although we don’t agree with her assessment that heat is “the only thing that works” or the implication that one should expect to need to repeat structural heat treatment.


Now, Hints from Heloise has a new article addressing a bed bug-related question. It concerns the following question:

Dear Heloise: I have a big problem! I sent my king-size bedspread to the dry cleaner to be dry-cleaned. I got it back, and as I was putting it on the bed, a couple of dead bedbugs fell on my clean bed. I rolled up the bedspread immediately and put it back in its plastic container. Do I take it back to the dry cleaner, and if so, then will I be assured that all the bugs are gone? — Lynne M., Plano, Tex.

Oh no!

To get the answer, you’ll need to check out Hints From Heloise: A surprise in the bedspread – The Washington Post

I’m personally not very confident in her response (to wit: bring the stuff back for another round of dry cleaning), but see what you think.

The letter is a good reminder why dry cleaners are a bit of a risky idea these days, for anyone.

Note: if dead bed bugs came home in your dry cleaning bundle, there’s a good chance (a) someone is bringing bed bug-infested items to your dry cleaner, and (b) the staff are not isolating these items, either because they don’t know about them, or don’t know how to deal with them.

Not good.

Meanwhile, our Bed Bug Helloise has stayed in retirement, looking after her Bed Bug ‘Elmer. You can read her (hopelessly dated) posts here.   (If you can remember these, you are a true Bedbugger “old timer”.)

Disclaimer: as with any older posts, the information and suggestions are not necessarily up to date, and do not take into account everything we’ve learned since they were written.


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