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This is a follow-up to this post about the new bed bug disclosure law applying to New York City rentals.

Presumably because I’ve contacted her about bed bugs in the past, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn emailed me today about this issue (along with, I’m sure, thousands of others).

I am reproducing this email below (note especially the information about what to do if your prospective landlord does not disclose bed bugs, and the relevant disclosure and complaint forms):

September 14, 2010

Dear New Yorker,

We wanted to pass along some important information for NYC tenants.

Bed Bugs

In 2009, the NYC Council created a Bed Bug Advisory Board (Local Law 14) comprised of the City’s best experts and entomologists to help us find ways to combat the growing number of bed bug infestations in NYC.

This summer, after several months of research, analysis and discussion, the Board released a major report outlining a series of recommendations in three critical areas:

* education and awareness;
* treatment and remediation; and
* monitoring and policy

The Council and the Administration have already committed the resources necessary to move forward with one of the Board’s key recommendations: the creation of a new bed bug web portal and dedicated staff to provide residents and businesses better access to the information and resources they need to safely rid themselves of these pests.

The Board also put together a list of best practices and guidelines that tenants and landlords can follow to help prevent and reduce the spread of bed bugs in their building.

You can view a copy of their full report online at

The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) is also taking action. HPD is now offering residents free online and instructor-led courses on how to identify, rid and protect your home from bed bugs. Anyone interested in enrolling in one of these courses can register online at

And finally, on the state front, this past month Governor Paterson signed into law the Bed Bug Disclosure Act, providing tenants a new layer of protection against these bugs.

Under this new law (effective immediately), landlords must notify prospective tenants in writing about any bed bug infestations that have occurred in their building in the past year.

We would like to thank the Governor, Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal and Senator Jose Peralta for providing us this important new tool in our fight against these bugs.

[Bedbugger: There’s a link to the current PDF of the DBB-N: Notice to Tenant: Disclosure of Bedbug Infestation history here.] If a landlord fails to provide you the attached bed bug disclosure form prior to your signing a lease, please consider filing a complaint with the NYS Dept. of Housing and Community Renewal.

Update: as of 10/30/2010, the DBB-NO form (to report landlords who do not provide the DBB-N disclosure form) is not available on the DCHR tenant forms page.  Please contact DCHR online or call 311 to find out how to complain about a landlord who does not provide the DBB-N form prior to lease signing.

For additional information and resources on fighting bed bugs, please visit the Council’s Action Center at

Updated 2/15/14: The DBB-NO form still isn’t online but the most current DBB-N as of today is posted here.

1 Ken September 17, 2010 at 3:58 pm

If Quinn were doing her job, she’d take the time to talk to us around the corner from her office. These pols are getting voted out for the reason that they like things that get them attention, but will not listen when there is an important issue that does not immediately bring them fame and glory.
Quinn – check out the place that evicts US soldiers for cleaning and is called ‘Ground Zero’ of bedbugs – don’t just have your assistant send me a useless PDF. 370 8th Avenue, which was investigated by the Epoch Times, is where to go.

2 nobugsonme October 30, 2010 at 4:38 pm

Updated to remove link to DBB-NO, form for reporting a landlord’s failure to provide the DBB-N form. DBB-NO is not currently on the DCHR tenant forms page:

3 Kim quinones November 18, 2010 at 4:48 pm

I’m so upset , today I recieved a letter from p.s. 69 in Brooklyn , that my childs classroom has bed bugs !!!! Something needs to be done about this , it’s disgusting !!!

4 nobugsonme November 19, 2010 at 2:26 pm

Hi Kim,

The NYC Public Schools now have to disclose to parents when bed bugs are found in a classroom. (The school has to send off a sample to be verified.) This is good, but frightening and stressful for families when it happens.

You need to learn the signs of bed bugs and realize that not everyone reacts allergically so sometimes you can be bitten and not know it.

Our travel FAQS make suggestions for how to avoid bringing bed bugs home if exposed. It’s hard with kids, but there are steps you can take. You might want to bag the child’s book bag at home (carefully inspecting anything removed from it), and bag clothing worn to school until it can be washed/dried. A Packtite would be very helpful but they’re not cheap. They could be used to treat items brought from school to prevent bed bugs coming home.

5 J Palmer December 3, 2010 at 2:35 pm

Do landlords have to disclose bed bug problems outside of NYC ? If they do who do you contact to make them comply with posting notice? Health Board or City Inspectors office?

6 nobugsonme December 3, 2010 at 9:18 pm

J Palmer,

Similar laws have been considered elsewhere but I am not aware of any in effect at this time.

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