Bed bugs in the Food Network Magazine offices in New York City?

by nobugsonme on September 15, 2010

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The New York Post’s Media Ink column received a tip that the Food Network Magazine offices in New York City have bed bugs.

Although Food Network Magazine is produced by Hearst, it does not reside inside the famous Hearst Tower but is situated a few blocks away, where bedbugs have also been found. The printing plants are located hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away from the Manhattan editorial offices, so there’s no chance of spreading the bugs to readers’ homes.

Food Network Magazine is a joint project between Hearst Corporation and the Food Network.

Note: the report is officially unconfirmed:

A Hearst spokeswoman would neither confirm nor deny that bedbugs were detected but said the magazine has stepped up preventive measures.

“As any good business should do, we have stayed ahead of the game by proactively adding sweeps to our regular cleaning practices.”

Thorough human inspections for bed bugs are surely too time consuming to be referred to as “sweeps,” so I gather Hearst is saying they’re now using routine canine scent detection.  (We have a few things to say about canine scent detection).


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