Probiotics fight bed bugs? Not really

by nobugsonme on August 29, 2010

in bed bugs, dust mites, misinformation

This article got my attention:

If there’s one thing that absolutely kills off a good sleep, it’s bed bugs, but now scientists have found a new way of getting rid of them – by using yoghurt.

Probiotic yoghurt has ‘friendly’ bacteria. So now scientists say that bed bugs can be wiped out by loading these good bacteria into the mattresses.

Sounds a bit far fetched, yes?

Although not named in the article, the reference appears to be to the technology used in mattresses like these. These products have a cover that contains probiotic bacteria which kill dust mites in the bed.

Bacteriologists at Belgium’s University of Ghent showed that colonies of bugs like dust mites could be wiped out in six weeks.


Dust mites. Which are not bed bugs.

Apparently a lot of people are still confused about that.


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