Bed Bugs in Selis Manor, which provides housing for the visually impaired

by nobugsonme on July 17, 2010

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NBC reports that Selis Manor, a Chelsea building providing housing to the blind and visually impaired on 23rd Street in New York City, has multiple units which are battling bed bugs.

The resident interviewed in this video claims she has had bed bugs in her Selis Manor apartment for three years and her home has been treated “several times.”

Every unit which has signs of bedbugs should be treated at the same time, with repeat treatments given at approximately 10-14 day intervals. All adjacent units (every side, above, and below an infested unit) should be inspected.

If this resident has had “several treatments” in three years, then this is not an aggressive enough approach.

Living with bed bugs is an awful experience for anyone.  I can only imagine that being blind and unable to see if bedbugs are on or near you makes it especially horrific.

I hope the housing provider, Associated Blind, is able to eradicate this problem swiftly.

Click here to view on the NBC website if the video above will not load.


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