Bed bugs at NYC ad agency Euro RSCG

by nobugsonme on July 17, 2010

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Another ad agency comes down with bed bugs — this time the New York offices of Euro RSCG Worldwide. The story broke first on MediaBistro’s Agency Spy blog. Agency Spy’s Kiran Aditham claims to have been getting tips about this infestation from multiple parties starting on Wednesday, including one source which claimed the announcement was made at the agency’s rooftop happy hour party on Thursday.


The Wall Street Journal Reports that:

Euro RSCG Worldwide offices on Hudson Street closed Friday after finding bedbugs in five offices. The ad agency, part of Havas SA, plans to reopen Monday, spokeswoman Mary Perhach said.

The ad agency isn’t just on Hudson Street. It’s at 350 Hudson. Right down the street from 375 Hudson, where offices for Penguin and Saatchi and Saatchi are located. (You’ll remember Penguin had bed bugs back in August and Saatchi and Saatchi had them a month later.)

I am not saying there’s any connection between these infestations, but bed bugs spread easily, and one has to consider that people working in nearby buildings ride the same subways, buses, and taxis, eat in the same cafes, and drink in the same bars.  (And it’s not about blaming anyone either; bed bugs can be spread before anyone knows they have them.)

Ever since the Hollister case broke a few weeks ago, the New York City media is acting like bed bugs are suddenly infesting lots of stores and workplaces (Gothamist is calling this “Bed Bug Plague 2010”), but around here, we know bed bugs have been in many public places and in the workplace for some time.  Bed bugs are surely reproducing more quickly due to the warm weather, as pest management professional Gil Bloom reportedly told Gothamist, but it also seems like people are talking about this problem more.

That bed bugs are spreading everywhere is distressing.  However, the fact that these stories are hitting the news is, in my opinion, good news. Everyone needs to be aware that bed bugs can infest any location where there are people.


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