Bed bugs hit CBS offices in New York City

by nobugsonme on July 2, 2010 · 1 comment

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Nellie Andreeva of the blog says she received a tip that CBS’s New York City offices were infested with bed bugs.

She writes,

… a couple of leased-out floors in satellite CBS offices in New York housing internal audit and CBS syndication sales executives have been affected by what a CBS representative described as ‘mild cases’ of bedbug infestation. Professionals have been called in and the offices are being cleaned.

Remember that “cleaning” alone does not eliminate a bed bug infestation, and that bedbugs are not a sign of poor hygiene.

One Deadline commenter quipped “Sounds like somebody went shopping at Hollister.” (The SoHo Hollister store went public with its bed bug issues this week.)

Unfortunately, the Deadline comments show the ignorance about bed bugs which abounds: just to set the record straight, bedbugs do not “only come out at night,” or in the dark. Although they prefer to feed in the wee small hours in a dark room, they will bite in a well-lit office during daytime hours, if they must.

Update: CNET more or less confirmed the CBS story here.

1 tony bologna July 5, 2010 at 3:22 pm

I’d rather have mice, roaches, and ants all at the same time than have any amount of bedbugs These goddam little vampires will make you INSANE Take it from me they are starting to drive me OVER THE EDGE I had them about a year ago in March. Got them again around a month ago. Called the exterminator He came , came back again 10 days later came back again 10 dayslater again Thought the problem was gone Yeah right My daughter went to get into bed last nite and what should she find waiting in her bed for her????????? You got it A F%&$#@~ VAMPIRE

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