Bed bug educational grant obtained by Changlu Wang & Richard Cooper

by nobugsonme on May 22, 2010

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Changlu Wang of Rutgers University and Richard Cooper of Bed Bug Central have been awarded a $20,000 grant by the USDA to produce educational materials about bed bugs for the community in the form of videos and a website.

The aim is to help the community learn more about bed bugs and how to eradicate them using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

Pest Management Professional reports that

The video material is designed to be easily understandable by viewers of varied social-economic backgrounds and will cover several key aspects of bed bug management including: bed bug biology, prevention, inspection and monitoring, proper use of non-chemical and chemical control tools. The website compliment will also provide greater access to the educational video materials and additional information.

Step-by-step instructional videos will also be provided to educate pest management professionals.

Cooper and Wang anticipate that the educational video will be an important resource for the public, businesses, pest management professionals and governmental agencies. The key benefits of the project have been identified in the grant proposal as:

1. Safeguarding the heath of humans and the environment by addressing alternatives to chemical methods and the proper usage of pesticides and chemical applications.

2. Reducing the probability of spreading infestation by increasing the public knowledge base and awareness of bed bugs.

3. Reducing economic loss and the cost of pest control treatment through education of the pest management industry in effective integrated pest management practices.

Production of the materials is slated to begin in July.

I firmly believe that you can’t have enough bed bug education — goodness knows, we don’t have enough now.  Although the focus is rightly on IPM methods, there currently a lack of information about pesticides (which ones work, how to use them to kill bed bugs, and without harm to people and pets), so I am glad this will be addressed.

I am glad to hear there will be more materials available soon for the public.  Congratulations to Changlu Wang and Richard Cooper for obtaining this grant.


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