Bed bugs on Lionel show on WPIX

by nobugsonme on May 8, 2010

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Lionel on New York’s WPIX (CW 11) took some time Thursday (5/6/2010) to rant about bed bugs and his own 5-month battle with them.

(Click here to view the post if you’re reading the feed.)

I am glad to see anyone in the media covering the spread of this scourge, especially when those in the spotlight are willing to describe their own painful, long, expensive bed bug battles.

This makes the problem real for viewers, and drives home the point that even apparently successful and clean people are afflicted with this problem. We know bed bugs do not discriminate, but this is a necessary point of understanding, if viewers are to take the bed bug warning to heart.

My only problem with brief bed bug clips in the news, such as this one, is that when they try to convey information (such as the recommendation of mattress and box spring encasements) the advice is often too cursory to be helpful.

(Read about other journalists with bed bugs here. Yes, I am using the term “journalist” loosely.)


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