Illinois House Bill 6439 passes, creating Illinois Bed Bug Task Force

by nobugsonme on May 4, 2010 · 4 comments

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We recently told you about House Bill 6439, which would create an Illinois Bed Bug Task Force. As of today, it has passed in both Houses of the Illinois General Assembly.

The bill was sponsored by Rep. Ken Dunkin in the House and Senator Heather Steans in the Senate. You can read more about it here, see the full text of the bill here, and see all the status updates here.

While I think the bed bug bill passing is good news for Illinois, I was taken aback to read (in St. Louis Today) that

The legislation passed, 84-31. Banning monkeys as pets earlier this session earned a wider margin.

Banning primates as pets was a good idea!  So is appointing a group to consider steps to reduce the spread of bed bugs.

The fact that creating a state-wide task force to consider what steps to take to combat the spread of bed bugs is not a no-brainer suggests the need for more education about this pest.

Word still is not getting out to everyone about how difficult bed bugs are to detect and get rid of, how common they are, and how easily they spread.

This is one of those big bed bug news weeks — some of the press is informative, other articles are simply sensational.  Public education should be among the top priorities of any state or locality, when it comes to bed bugs.

Michigan, for example, is off to a great start, with its radio PSAs and informational website.

Meanwhile, New York City’s Bed Bug Advisory Board is supposed to be giving us its report very, very soon.


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