Bed bugs in Bloomington school: “We knew this was going to happen”

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Bed bugs have been seen on at least three different students and several more have been found in the health office at Bloomington, Indiana’s Arlington Heights Elementary School, according to Bloomington’s WTHR news.


Scientists say there isn’t an infestation in the school.

We’ve heard that song before!  It all depends on how you define “infestation.”

The dictionary definitions are not clear on this. (This post takes on the terminology issue.)

To me, finding bed bugs in several locations in the school suggests an infestation, but I am willing to let that word go.

Let’s say the school has a bed bug problem.

Bed bugs are becoming an increasing problem in schools.  And local experts are concerned:

They are monitoring for changes every week, but they say there is a bed bug problem in Monroe County.

“We’ve definitely had problems in apartments. Some of the hotels have had bed bugs. So we knew this was going to happen,” said [Dr. Marc Lame of Indiana University].

For now, the student suspected of bringing of them in is taking classes at a separate location say school officials and the school is helping his family get their bed bugs under control.

“What we’re concerned about is them coming in and maybe hitchhiking back to someone else’s house,” explained Lame.

Experts believe the bed bugs’ feeding schedule will help them isolate the problem.

“They feed pretty much between midnight and 5 A-M. And there’s just nobody here,” said Lame.

[Emphasis mine.]

If a bed bug is found on a student, one might wonder if it simply hitchhiked in that morning from the student’s home.  It’s a possibility.

If bed bugs were found on one student, then on several others (“on their clothing”), and then also in the health office, as the article notes, this suggests they already are coming out from their hiding spots.  Either that, or a whole lot of students are coming to school with hitchhiking bed bugs on their bodies.

After the first bed bug was found on a student, parents were notified about the problem.  I hope that parents are also being educated about how to detect and avoid bed bugs in their homes.

1 parakeets April 27, 2010 at 5:11 pm

I hope this post brings parents from Bloomington to this blog where they can learn about bedbugs. I have been bitten during the day in my apartment by bedbugs many times. It is simply not true that they only bite at night. Beware that there are many falsehoods around about bedbugs and it is important that you get the facts. If there were rats in the school, parents would band together and would not make the student who had rats in his or her home take classes at a separate location because parents would know it would not get rid of the rats. If there are bedbugs in the school, schools have to have an effective overall policy, not one that simply singles out one child or family. But the disclosure and education, even if not perfect, are great.

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