Pennsylvania education professionals getting schooled about bed bugs

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The Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials (PASBO) and the Pennsylvania IPM Program are sponsoring a webinar on 4/27 (9:30 – 11:00 am) on bed bugs and lice in schools.

The presentation is entitled Don’t Let the Bugs Bite: Bedbugs and Lice Go to School, and focuses on how facilities managers, nurses and principals can effectively deal with them.

Although this program is targeted at the educational audience in Pennsylvania, and so will likely be of interest to a small number in our audience, I know that — like me — you’ll be glad to know this event is happening, since bed bugs are becoming a common problem in schools (here is a sampling of stories on bed bugs infesting schools and other educational facilities).

The press release for the webinar notes that the presenters are Jody Gangloff-Kaufmann of Cornell/New York State IPM Program; Jeff Bryan, director of buildings and grounds, Red Lion Area School District; and Sarah Pickel, PA IPM Program.

The PASBO workshop listing says,

This webcast will provide information on beg bug and lice issues for schools, present practical control ideas, and review legal requirements for pest management. Learn about:

• Basic bed bug and lice identification and biology, with an emphasis on how they differ

• Ecology of bed bugs and lice including how they spread

• Health risks of bed bugs and lice

• Economic issues caused by such pests

• What it takes to eliminate them, both in schools and at home with an emphasis on the use of integrated pest management

• Common sense school practices to reduce the risks from bed bugs and lice

• Requirements and resources for pest management in schools

Professionals can earn CPE/CEU credits for participating.  You can go to the PASBO workshop listing to find all the details on costs and to register.

If you’re a bedbugger or bed bug professional in Pennsylvania, you’re obviously aware that bed bugs are unfortunately already a problem in your community. While you’re fully aware of this, local school officials may not be.

Why not call the principal or another official at your local school(s), mention this problem is spreading in the community, and encourage the school to have a representative attend the webinar so they can be armed with good information before bed bugs become a problem.

1 parakeets April 21, 2010 at 8:41 am

I’m glad that one of the agenda items covered here is “health risks of bedbugs and lice.”
I’m tired of the “bedbugs are not a known health risk” spin we keep getting hit with over and over. If school professionals acknowledge that bedbugs are a health risk, this can move the fight forward.

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