In case you have not heard enough about traumatic insemination…

by nobugsonme on February 9, 2010

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… this blurb advertising Isabella Rossellini’s next project, a series called “Seduce Me,” will surely appeal to you:

Very much the spawn of the 2009 multiple “Webby Award” winning series Green Porno, this new series will once again star Isabella Rossellini, only this time, she acts out the bizarre seduction strategies of nature’s most unique creatures, from bed bugs to jellyfish. (5 films premiere on April 20 on; 5 films debut in August 2010).

[Emphasis added.]

I’d personally rather see Isabella Rossellini act out an effective bed bug eradication strategy, but given the fascination with the bed bug’s bizarre mating habits, I may be in the minority!

Update: And here it is:

Update (8/30/2010): and here it is on The Daily Show:

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