Bed bugs in The Onion, again

by nobugsonme on February 3, 2010

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Gotta love The Onion, this is their second reference to bed bugs in a week:

The White House suffered a severe bedbug infestation last week after Vice President Joe Biden reportedly “scored” a discarded recliner chair that “someone was just throwing out” on the corner of Windom Road and 32nd Street.

The short article is entitled, “White House Infested With Bedbugs After Biden Brings In Recliner Off The Curb.”

On January 26, they also had a passing reference to bed bugs in the article, “Exterminator Kind Of Surprised Apartment Doesn’t Have Roaches.”

You may wonder why I am excited by this, but I believe that the more bed bugs are mentioned in the media, the more people will know of their existence, and the more they may begin to ask questions about how to avoid and detect them.

In the absence of an educational campaign from the government, we have to be grateful for a rising awareness of the existence of this pest.  (Sadly, it likely comes from people at The Onion either having had bed bugs or knowing people who had bed bugs.)  Given The Onion’s special popularity with college-age students, it makes a lot of sense that bed bugs would be a frequent topic.

Here’s a question: has The Daily Show also been doing its part to spread the word about bed bugs?


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