Into every hotel, a little bed bug will creep

by nobugsonme on December 28, 2009

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Bed bugs can be a problem in any hotel, regardless of quality. It’s almost inevitable that someone will bring a bed bug in eventually. Hotels can go to some lengths to train staff about signs and symptoms, and to implement a bed bug inspection program. But eventually into every hotel, a bed bug will creep.

Helpful tip for hotel managers #1: the key is how hotels respond once guests complain about bed bugs.  Because getting bed bugs in one room does not mean that the whole hotel, or even the whole floor or line of rooms needs to become infested.

Helpful tip for hotel managers #2: it’s probably not a good idea, as this Australian hotel manager does, to tell journalists that the “majority” of people who complain they encountered bed bugs in your hotel are just trying to score free accommodations.

If people tell your staff they woke up with bed bug bites, saw bed bugs or their signs, or (gasp!) show you a sample of bed bugs found in the room, please take it very seriously. Don’t brush it off if you cannot see bed bugs yourself. Have the room inspected by an expert that knows how to detect and get rid of bed bugs.

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