Dang varmints!

by nobugsonme on December 9, 2009

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Well done to the Riverdale Press for its use of the word “varmints” (the charming variant of “vermin”) in a story about bed bug sniffing canines giving The College of Mount St. Vincent (in Riverdale, which is part of the Bronx) a once-over for bed bugs:

The College of Mount Saint Vincent conducted an in-depth search of the campus for bedbugs — the varmints that recently pestered students and administrators at Manhattan College — and came up dry.

With the help of a bed bug-sniffing dog, the search revealed 26 positive scents that were then inspected by a licensed pest control technician. No “live activity” was found, according to the college.

That word “varmints” got me to thinking: wouldn’t it be cool if we had a cartoon of Yosemite Sam as a PCO: the meanest, toughest, rip-roarin’-est hombre what ever treated a home for bed bugs?!?


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