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by nobugsonme on December 7, 2009

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Alan Good brings bed bugs back into McSweeney’s, this time focusing on famous appearances of bed bugs in song, music, and television:

According to a writer at, “You know you’ve arrived when people write about you in McSweeney’s,” but I would argue that point occurs when you get written into TV shows, and bedbugs have been pivotal in at least two of them. They serve as a major plot point in an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (“The World Series Defense,” which aired on October 22, 2009). Bedbugs, through their malignity, prevent the gang from attending a World Series game. And in a recent episode of 30 Rock (“Audition Day,” November 5, 2009) Alec Baldwin’s character enters scratching and trying to deny his problem—”I don’t have bedbugs. I went to Princeton”—but his infestation ultimately turns him into a man of the people. My thanks to the writers for giving us “Blue Ridge Quilt Ticklers.”

I too enjoyed the Blue Ridge Quilt Ticklers.  (And thanks for mentioning this site.)

Bed bugs in sitcoms twice in as many weeks is some pretty heavy airtime, make no mistake.

But let’s not forget that bed bugs have been nodded at in The Simpsons (“Midnight Towboy”), and were earlier featured heavily in storylines in The King of Queens (“Buggy Nights”), Law and Order: Criminal Intent (“Rock Star”).

Neither of the latter two reaches any heights of literary achievement, but the King of Queens is worth watching, especially if you have bed bugs and need a laugh.

Clearly, bed bugs arrived a long time ago.  It’s getting them to move on that’s causing all the trouble.


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