Brookview Apartment tenants in Louisville display sign in window: “These apartments have bugs!!!”

by nobugsonme on November 3, 2009

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Some Louisville tenants are trying to get their landlord’s attention, claiming their apartment building has many problems, including bed bugs. They’ve gotten 50 people from their building to sign a petition against the landlord.

A photo included in this story from WHAS 11 news shows tenants hanging a banner in their window prominently proclaiming, “these apartments have bugs!!!”

(Note: we’re not sure of the legal ramifications of hanging such a sign in your window.  Another recent victim of bed bugs in San Francisco used the discarded furniture note as another means of warning passers-by.)

WHAS 11 in Louisville reports that

WHAS11 first told you about the issue Sunday when Jesse and Jaqueline Evans hung a sign outside their home saying “this apartment complex has bugs.”

Since then, they’ve been busy collecting signatures from other residents reporting problems.

By Monday afternoon, that list grew to more than four dozen names.

Another recent article on bed bugs in Louisville, from WAVE 3, says that if you have bed bugs in Louisville,

For the most part, it’s the property owner’s responsibility to get rid of them, if there’s an infestation in multiple units. If your landlord won’t, you can report it to 311.

WHAS 11 notes some tenants had already had a visit from the housing inspectors:

Upstairs, in a nearby unit, Zachary Costantino says he’s also had problems with bugs.

He says when he tried to shampoo them out of his carpet, blue dye from the carpet got sucked up.

In another nearby apartment, Jesse says there’s black mold and a potentially dangerous wiring issue.

WHAS11 saw an I.P.L. inspector at the complex when we were there Monday.

Three weeks ago, the same inspector confirmed a pest infestation and other problems the apartment complex only has a week left to fix.

It’s worth noting that the tenants claim the building has problems with mice, bed bugs, and roaches (and let’s not forget mold); the petition in the WHAS 11 video embedded above shows different tenants have differing complaints — it is not clear how many are complaining specifically about bed bugs.

That the article and the I.P.L. inspector’s report refer to “bugs” and “pests,” rather than to specific pests, is not very helpful.  The sign, too, says “bugs” but it’s clear from the articles and video that the Evans are referring to bed bugs.

Zachary Constantino implies to reporters that he thinks the landlord dyed his carpet dark to hide bed bugs (presumably to hide bed bug fecal stains).

As the first article notes, the Evans and their property management company are are scheduled to go to court.


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