“On the bed bug list” in Brooklyn

by nobugsonme on September 29, 2009 · 1 comment

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TV on the Radio vocalist/guitarist (and solo artist) Kyp Malone talks openly to Larry Getlen in this New York Post story about how he’s aware people in his building have bed bugs. The building?

“It’s pretty old. It’s on the bedbug list,” Malone says, complaining about the prewar building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where he’s lived in a one-plus-bedroom, sixth-floor walk-up for the past four years. “I’ve seen people cycle through. They spray and bomb* and all the things you’re supposed to do, but it doesn’t work.”

Despite the building’s bedbug misfortune (a bullet he’s managed to dodge), the apartment, which Malone has shared since December with his artist girlfriend, Jessie, has served him well through multiple redecorations.

It seems like a tipping point that people who haven’t had bed bugs are aware of and talking about bed bugs in their buildings — and kind of famous people, no less.

I like Kyp Malone’s music, and I really hope he doesn’t have any bed bug problems going forward (because bed bugs and musical instruments or works of art are such a bad combination), and I really hope that his neighbors get some proper help soon.

No one in New York City should be living with bed bugs.

No building should go onto “the bed bug list” and stay there.**

*Note: people really should not be bombing to try and eliminate bed bugs. Just FYI.

**Note: we’re not aware of any actual “bed bug list.” Perhaps this refers to the Bed Bug Registry, where people voluntarily report their own infested apartment units or hotels, to warn others. Or maybe this refers to the records NYCHPD keeps on building violations, which you can access here.

1 Sara November 4, 2009 at 1:50 am

I have a question, I was just watching Al Gore on Letterman, he made several references to the increased dangers of the CO2 effect on the environemnt and the elevated levels it’s getting to, NOW aren’t bed bugs attracted to our CO2 that we emit(our breath)? so i the global warming issues possibly affecting the resiliancy of these bugs? Maybe that’s the reason behind them being more difficult than ever to eradicate, it’s clearly affecting their “known” behavios… don’t seem as nocturnal, reproducing more rapidly, etc… i am just trying to figure this out 🙁

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