Depot Square, St. Johnsbury, VT: 39 of 47 units have bed bugs

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Representatives of various state agencies  in St. Johnsbury, Vermont met Friday to formulate an action plan in Depot Square, a heavily infested building where canine scent detection teams found bed bugs in 39 of 47 units. reports,

For the last four months, tenants living in the Depot Square building have been living side by side with bedbugs, even after repeated attempts to exterminate them.

“It seems like they can’t get rid of it then you have to throw away all of your stuff and start from scratch,” Stepp said.

A dog specially trained to sniff out bedbugs recently went through the Depot Square apartment complex and found that all but eight of the 47 units are infested.

Various state agencies gathered in St. Johnsbury Friday morning to work on an action plan to eradicate the bugs. The building’s owner joined the meeting by  phone. reports that an exterminator is going to “go through the building” Wednesday.

Though they’re often considered for a heavily infested building such as this,  the implication is that thermal and Vikane gas treatments are not planned for the building at this time.

See St. J Tenants Battle Bedbugs – WCAX.COM.

1 parakeets August 11, 2009 at 4:49 pm

I wish the meeting could have been held in Depot Square itself. Then the representatives of various state agencies in St. Johnsbury, Vermont would probably formulate their action plan even quicker!

I noticed that the property owner wasn’t there and ” joined the meeting by phone.” I hope other landlords out there realize that when they tell their tenants that “no one else has reported bedbugs” or “we don’t need to treat adjacent units” they could in reality be dealing with a similar rate of infestation to this building–39 out of 47 units had bedbugs. And this is only after a reported time of 4 months. The sooner a landlord responds to tenants’ reports about bedbugs and treats the premises appropriately, the less likely a scneario like this will be.

Vermont images–snow, peaceful scenes, skiing, countryside, covered bridges, cows … and now bedbugs.

2 nobugsonme August 11, 2009 at 5:41 pm

Thanks, Parakeets, for your insightful comment.

I thought the idea that 39 out of 47 units could become infested in four months seemed a bit iffy. I would be surprised if the building did not have them much longer, noticed or not, reported or not.

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