Worst case of bed bugs Dover health inspector has seen

by nobugsonme on August 2, 2009

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The following story is  quite awful to read.

Foster’s Daily Democrat reports from Dover, New Hampshire that

A local man has been forced to leave his Tuttle Square apartment after falling victim to what the health inspector called the worst bedbug infestation he has seen in the city.

“As soon as I pulled back the sheet, I could see them scurry,” Health Inspector John Carlson said.

Juanita Fehrmann said she first discovered that her brother’s apartment was infested with bedbugs when he came to her Rochester home during the July 4 weekend.

Her 38-year-old brother, who she asked not to be identified, suffers from schizophrenia and epilepsy, Fehrmann said. Although he refuses to take medication for his schizophrenia, he does take several medications for his other condition.

“He took out his pill bottle and dumped out his pills and a bug fell out on my table and he brushed it on my floor,” Fehrmann said. “So I got a napkin and picked up and said, ‘This looks like a tick.’ And he said, ‘Oh don’t worry, that’s just a bedbug and they’re friendly.'”

The man’s sister reports he suffered from extensive bed bug bites and scars.

The story reminds us of the need for support for people with mental and physical limitations, who may not recognize bed bugs (or as in this case, may not recognize what a serious problem bed bugs are), and may not be able to take the required action once they are identified.

When it comes to bed bugs, “no man is an island.”  We need to make sure everyone has safe and bed bug-free accommodations.  For everyone’s sake.

Read the full story here: Driven out by bedbugs : Worst case Dover health inspector has seen in the city – Fosters.


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