Co-op pays $250K after bed bugs found in several units, storage area, stairwells

by nobugsonme on July 29, 2009

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BrickUnderground reports that the July/August 2009 issue of Habitat magazine (not yet available on their website) reports that a three-tower, 217-unit Theater District co-op building paid $250,000 to get rid of its bed bug problem.

BrickUnderground writes,

The co-op in the Habitat article found bed bugs in several neighboring apartments, two stairwells and some of the basement storage lockers.

Working with one exterminator and several subcontractors, it treated infested apartments with powders for the walls and heat and chemicals for cracks and crevices.

In addition, everything in the basement storage lockers was packed in impermeable containers and shipped to an off-site exterminator, while the storage rooms were treated.

The plan includes new rules for sealing items before putting them into storage, and regular visits from a bed bug sniffing canine.

BrickUnderground reports the cost “was paid from the building’s reserve funds.”

This is a good lesson for other multi-unit buildings (whether rentals, condos or co-ops): take bed bugs seriously whenever they appear.

Better yet, develop a preventive strategy before you have any bed bug reports.  And educate your staff and tenants or unit owners about bed bugs and how to spot them.

Education of management (including co-op boards/owner associations) is key: too often, we hear in the Bedbugger Forums from harried co-op or condo residents who suspect neighbors are infested, but can’t get through to them or the co-op board or condo association about the need for a cooperative effort.

See Co-op hair-raiser: $250,000 bed bug bill to read more from BrickUnderground.

We found out about this story via New York vs. Bed Bugs. Thanks, Renee!


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