Newport News motel with bed bugs story shows need for greater awareness about bed bugs among police, reporters

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Residents and an employee of he Midtown Motel in Newport News, Virginia claim the motel has bed bugs in a story from News 10 by Mary Kay Mallonee.

It’s a typical “bed bugs in motel” expose, with motel guests complaining of and displaying what they say are bed bug bites, and the maintenance man describing bed bugs crawling on mattresses. (They also complain about missing smoke detectors, black mold in rooms, and so on.)

However, there are two interesting things in this video:

First, police were called in as well as the news team.  After investigating the rooms, police took some items away in paper bags.

Note to Newport News Police: items which may contain bed bugs (i.e. anything sampled from a room with bed bugs) should be treated carefully and carried off only in plastic bags with airtight seals (garbage bags tied with the right kind of knot, XL Ziploc bags, etc.)

We don’t want the next story out of Newport News to be about an infested police station!

Second, the reporter tells the owner, in reference to the bed bug problem, “You’ve got to change that tonight.  They can’t sleep like that!”

It’s true that bed bugs do need to be addressed right away, and motel guests should probably be assisted in carefully relocating without bringing bed bugs, while the motel is treated for bed bugs.

However, viewers need to know that bed bug problems treated with conventional methods cannot be eliminated overnight.

These are small points, but important, since many news viewers will not know a lot about bed bugs, and education — spreading good information — is key.

See: Motel guests covered with bed bug bites.

1 Heather August 11, 2009 at 1:04 am

My friend and I drove from Ohio to spend a day at the beach. Drove all night, swam in the ocean for a few hours and decided to head home (was a sudden decision to go to Virginia 😛 ) After about 45 mins of driving from the beach, we were exhausted. We decided we would stop at the Midtown Motel since it was fairly cheap and we were on a tight budget (looked up the hotel before leaving Ohio just in case). We pulled into the lot and looked at each other, both of us had bad feelings about the place, but we said all we need is a couple beds and a few hours of sleep. We went into the office and got a room. ($50 bucks) moved the car closer to our room and unloaded our suitcases / overnight bags. Unlocked the door and stopped in our tracks. The room had a peculiar smell. Looked at each other again. Right off the bat we noticed the smoke alarm, you know, that safety device that would alert us and let us get to safety should something happen, was HANGING from the wall. Walked into the bathroom, the electrical plate was broken, bathtub was filthy! Sinks were grimy. At this point, we are so tired that we could look over those things. I had a blanket we used to sit on the beach, so i put it on top of the bed and laid down. My friend uncovered her bed and noticed there was an ugly brown stain — EWW. Then we looked over towards the door, noticed that we could SEE OUTSIDE thru the door, now…if we could see OUT, then people could see IN! We both called our mothers to let them know we stopped for the night, but had a bad feeling about the place. Both of them knowing we hadn’t slept all night, so they told us to try and make the best of it. LOL — NO! after we noticed the door, we also noticed the t.v. was close to falling off of the stand. We had been in the room MAYBE 115-20 minutes. We decided we were in no way staying at this dump. Packed up our things and went to the office. The man on duty said he was not able to give us our money back — so i told the man to show me where it states “NO REFUNDS” — he could not provide that. My friend and I are tired. we just want to go home. We argue with him for a few minutes and he tells us that we can wait until about 7:45-8:00 until the owner comes in (his Brother) and he can give a refund. Note, it is only about 5:30-6:00. We do not want to waste that time. I ask him if he can call his brother and get permission to refund our money. He stated that he doesnt have his brothers number. Now, that seemed a bit odd to me. I have all of my siblings numbers in my phone, and this guy doesnt have his BOSS/BROTHER’s number — what if there is an emergency??? My friend tells him, Fine, you wont give us our money back, I’ll call the police. Man says “you call police, i no help” My friend went outside and called the police. The man tells me to show him the room. I take him to the room and point out everything i stated above. He said ok, i give you another room. I told him we do not want another room — we want our money. He offers $30 — no, we paid $50 — he says cannot do $50 — then i said ok — the cops will be here soon. He then offers $40 — I went outside to tell my friend and walked back inside — There was a woman in there about 50 years old wearing clothes a young teenager should be wearing. She said “I need a room” he said ok, she handed him TWO DOLLARS — and he gave her a key — didnt take her name or anything! WOW! I’m havin all kinds of thoughts. At this point i took the $40 and went outside. My friend and I got in he car and about 5 minutes later 2 officers on bikes show up. We get out to chat with them about this situation. They said in the State of Virginia they dont get into monetary disputes, but we can sue — for $10 bucks…nah. They then informed us that this place is a KNOWN DRUG AND PROSTITUTE RING!!! that someone was SHOT AND KILLED here about a week before (hmm…dirty brown stain on bed…could it have been blood?? ) We thanked the wonderful officers for coming out and we left town. I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND this place to ANYONE! I hope they get shut down for all of this. The officers told us that they have shut them down but they keep opening under a different name. UGH!

Sorry my story is so long…but i wanted people to know.

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