Thriftlodge guest finds hypodermic needles while searching for bed bugs in hotel

by nobugsonme on July 17, 2009 · 2 comments

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Wise travelers search their hotel rooms for bed bugs before settling in.  (Our Travel FAQs are a good place to start learning how.)

However, it’s worth noting you may find things besides bed bugs lurking in the room.

Friday night Michigan resident Frank Escamilla rolled in to town to look into buying a house in cheerful Stumptown. He stayed at the most budget-conscious place he could find: the Thriftlodge on East Burnside and SE 9th.

“The whole building smelled like urine, especially in the rooms. It was pretty gross,” says Escamilla. Things quickly got worse. Just to play it safe, Escamilla decided to check under his mattress for signs of bedbugs. No bugs droppings in sight, but wedged between the two boxsprings supporting the mattresses he spotted a black plastic bag. Gingerly, Escamilla picked up the bag and dumped it out on the bedside table—out rolled a cotton swab and three hypodermic needles.

(Emphasis mine.)

Yikes!  A helpful reminder to be cautious while doing your inspections!

The Thriftlodge claims to lift up the bed mattresses for inspections once every three months; they might want to re-think that one!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve found in a hotel room?

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1 persona-non-bugga July 19, 2009 at 11:07 am

Last week, roach motels under the bed. Wondered whether the hotel had confused roaches with bedbugs. Back in the day, when I saw my first bedbug in my bedroom, I did the exact same thing, mistakenly thinking I’d seen a cockroach.

Hotel staff I spoke to lacked (feigned?) awareness about bedbugs. Said cockroaches were bona fide concern in their rooms, since they all have kitchenettes.

2 Roxane Collens August 10, 2009 at 12:24 pm

Just to let people know that friends of mine stayed at the Thriftlodge in Saskatoon,SK and were bitten by bedbugs. They had booked the room for two nights and paid in advance, when they discovered the bites on their backs and arms they packed up their stuff and went to ask for a total refund of their money. The deskclerk said she would have to talk to the general manager, they have not heard from the gm yet and the deskclerk said they will have to provide a doctors note stating they are bedbug bites. This is outrageous and unfair. How can a company not offer them their money back to avoid any further mishaps. Totally unfair to this young family. Thank god they got out of that infested hotel before the kids got bit.

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