Baltimore’s 311 Online now has a bed bug complaint option

by nobugsonme on July 17, 2009

in bed bugs

Adam Meister reports on that residents of Baltimore can now report bed bugs to the city through 311 online.

311 online now has a bed bug complaint option. These nasty little critters are invading Southeast Baltimore according to this City Paper article. If you see a discarded mattress in an alley do not get near it and never step or sit on it. It is nice to see that the city is keeping track of this potential massive infestation. I hope they are able to use this valuable information to help contain and attack the problem.

The 311 online page would not load for me today — I guess they have a lot of traffic.

See Adam Meister’s post: 311 online now has a bed bug complaint option and trash news.

(Although New York’s 311 system also has an online presence, you apparently still need to call 311 to report a bed bug problem.)


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