Radio personalities with bed bugs: not just a NYC thing

by nobugsonme on June 23, 2009 · 1 comment

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Jeff Vandergrift, who hosts “JV Mornings” on WILD 94.9 in San Francisco, was a member of CBS’s popular “Dog House,” and who now has a new online media show on called “JV’s World,” has recently had bed bugs.

The San Francisco Examiner asked Vandergrift, “How do you gather content for your show?” The answer:

I feel like going more in the direction of whatever is going on in my world. For example, in my next episode … I want to do a whole thing on bed bugs. [My wife and I recently] had a case of bed bugs.

We can hope that episode may appear here in the very near future.

Remember when Marc Maron of Air America Radio had bed bugs, and regaled Breakroom Live audiences with the horrors of bed bug prep and looking for sealable plastic tuubs in the Container Store?

Of course, radio personalities are no different from the many journalists who also have had bed bugs and publicized the tales (these are just some of our articles about journalists with bed bugs).

We are very grateful when people who have the ears (or eyes) of large audiences talk about bed bugs from a first-hand perspective, because this is how those who have not yet had the pleasure of meeting a bed bug can come to understand that the hassles and stress of bed bugs go beyond washing a few sheets and calling “an exterminator.”

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