Nightwatch active bed bug monitor recalled

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On May 21st, Biosensory, maker of the Nightwatch active bed bug monitor, distributed a recall letter to Distributors and pest control operators.

The letter, which you can download in PDF form here, reads,

This letter is to notify you that BioSensory, Inc. is voluntarily recalling its initial production run
ofthe NightWatch™ Bedbug Monitor and Dragonfly II mosquito trap for safety reasons.

BioSensory has decided to take this action as a result ofa potentially defective pressure sensor
manufactured by MAMCO Precision Switches. Although only 3 failures have occurred, it was
decided to voluntarily recall all units until the source ofthe defect can be positively identified
and verifiably corrected.

BioSensory tested NightWatch and Dragonfly II units without incident during two years of
product development. During manufacture each unit was 100% tested as a sub assembly and as
a final assembly with no reports of defects. BioSensory is working with MAMCO engineers to
study the three failed units in order to find and correct the problem BioSensory will replace all
potentially defective switches free of charge.

Distributors and PCOs are asked to

1. Immediately discontinue shipping of the NightWatch and Dragonfly II units to customers.

2. Bring back all units already shipped to customers and hold them at your location(s) until
further instructions are provided to you. Further instructions may include: a) lot # search of
the defective parts; b) information regarding a field repair; c) return to a repair facility.

And there’s a number provided for PCOs/Distributors to call: (860) 928-1113.

Note, if you’re a customer (not a PCO), you should probably call the folks who sold it to you, so they can satisfy steps 1 and 2 above.

The Biosensory website’s note about the recall provides a second number, (800) 261-2659.

Thanks to the reader who shared this information with us!

1 David James June 1, 2009 at 1:05 pm

See the NightWatch in action. I worked on the US field trials for the NightWatch and am developing treatment protocols using it.

2 David James July 14, 2009 at 7:06 pm

I recieved 108 NightWatchs from the manufacturer today. Units have been retro-fitted with a new pressure sensor and we began shipping units to customers today.
David James; Forshaw Distribution

3 bugsnyc July 16, 2009 at 9:01 pm

Hi David,
Im not sure how to PM- can you please contact me? Thank you, MG

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