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Bed bug cast skins

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1 kim February 1, 2014 at 10:26 am

We having been receiving bites since Nov ..But only one single bite most of the time every few weeks sometimes longer I’ve had 2 exterminator here neither found any signs of bb I’ve also had my apartment manger down she also inspectedand found nothing at all My dad had a small infestation and has been treated he comes to my house daily but never sits anywhere bytvthe kitchen table. ..The office finally just hadan exterminator come in a spray last Friday I noticed I’ve been sleeping on my loveseat and have bites still no bugs seen no signs of bb anywhere and its still just one single bite it itches but only one …If I had a large infestation would I have multiple bites and see something since its been since Nov?? The exterminator said he really didnt see anything while spraying…I’m driving myself crazy along with my kids they think I’m losing my mind!! Any comments tht would help I would appreciate very much I also had a co2 monitor and its still empty not one thing in it since Nov I have a pic of one of the bites but I’m not sure how to put it on here…..thank you

2 nobugsonme February 3, 2014 at 11:33 pm

Hi Kim,

The short answer is there may be many possible causes for a skin reaction that occurs every few weeks between November and now. If it were bed bugs, you would be seeing fecal stains, if not bed bugs, cast skins or eggs. A skin reaction alone doesn’t tell us a bed bug was involved.

The Co2 monitor is a good idea but remember that if you’re being bitten so infrequently, you may have a very small number of bed bugs. We’d expect one to bite a bit more than once a week, though of course it’s always possible you or others are being bitten and not always reacting. Some family members may not react at all. Make sure you carefully search their rooms too!

Now, consider that you do have a single bed bug. You’d have to wait maybe 5-7 days since it last fed for it to want to feed again. If the Co2 monitor is in your bedroom, the monitor is competing with a live human — which is tricky. If it feeds on you, you’d have to run that monitor another seven days and try to compete in the next round.

Passive or interceptor monitors (FAQ here) may be more helpful if there are very few bed bugs. In your case, they may help you confirm the problem isn’t bed bugs at all.

I hope that helps!

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