Cincinnati woman encounters bed bugs in a suburban Chicago Sheraton

by nobugsonme on May 5, 2009

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The Chicago news media is all aflutter with the story of a Cincinnati woman who encountered bed bugs at an Arlington Heights, Illinois Sheraton.

The local health department says it’s the second complaint they’ve had this year (not sure if that’s at the Sheraton or in all of Arlington Heights). Ten rooms at this hotel are now undergoing treatment for bed bugs.

No one should have to put up with bed bugs in a hotel. On the other hand, remember that bed bugs can happen anywhere. The victim in this case comes from a city — Cincinnati — where one in six people claimed to have had bed bugs on a recent survey.

Finally, the Fox reporter’s advice to vacuum your suitcase and wash all your clothing after encountering bed bugs in a hotel is not enough. See this FAQ if you think you’ve been exposed to bed bugs, and if you haven’t, this one will tell you how to detect bed bugs in a hotel room before you spend the night.


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