Apartment building offers bed bug-free guarantee

by nobugsonme on April 21, 2009

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Studio Green, a privatized student housing option for students at the University of Delaware, has previously had problems with bed bugs.

According to the University of Delaware’s independent student paper, The Review, Studio Green is willing to offer students a guarantee that they won’t have to deal with bed bugs or cockroaches:

The management of Studio Green apartments issued a pest-free apartment guarantee for new and current residents Wednesday. Jim Short, president of Campus Living Villages, Studio Green’s parent company, said he issued the new policy partly in response to a March 24 article in The Review that reported bed bug and cockroach problems. Efforts on behalf of management are met with mixed reviews by tenants.

Short issued a statement on correcting pest problems.

“Because we are so confident that we have the bug problems under control at Studio Green, we have decided to issue a bug infestation-free guarantee,” Short said in the statement. “If any new or current resident experiences a bed bug or cockroach infestation at Studio Green, the resident will have the option of relocating to another apartment in our community, at our cost, or canceling their lease.”

He said this option will be available after the infestation is confirmed and management has tried to eradicate the bugs. Management will have one week to solve cockroach infestations and two weeks to eliminate bed bugs before tenants can relocate within the complex or cancel their leases.

“We are making this guarantee so that our residents can be assured that they will never have an ongoing problem with infestations of this type,” Short said.

Promising to eliminate bed bugs in two weeks — once they’re discovered — is a pretty big promise, considering bed bugs can be hard to detect, and may be pretty seriously established before student residents even notice them. And once established, bed bugs can be hard to get rid of.

The building management should consider implementing routine inspections, perhaps by skilled bed bug sniffing dog teams.

Studio Green is managed by Campus Living Villages, which operates private student housing at 47 universities in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.


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