Claridge Towers residents get help with their bed bugs from DC Housing Authority

by nobugsonme on April 17, 2009

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Claridge Towers, a DC Housing building on M Street has been treated for bed bugs off and on in the last two years, Fox News reports.

Clearly, the problem was not being entirely eliminated by the treatments done.

Part of the problem also seems to be that some tenants were self-treating because PCO treatments did not seem to be working. And not everyone was reporting their bed bug problems.

. . . Carl Payton and Tina Durrington-El said they’ve had their apartment treated before but the bugs keep coming back. So they gave up and began using over the counter products to keep the bugs at bay.

“I get frustrated and I get tired of calling back so I bought my own stuff,” Payton said.

That’s the problem. The Housing Authority says people need to call their maintenance hotline. At Claridge, officials said they had only three complaints that were being addressed until Brown turned to FOX 5. Now the building has five complaints.

Perhaps this outlines a need for the Housing Authority to search all units carefully, regardless of whether people notify them or not. It’s not just the tenants who don’t report known bed bug problems. There will always be additional tenants who are infested and do not have any idea.

Thankfully, finally, Fox News reports all 342 units are now being searched.

The building across the street, Horizon House, also has had recent bed bug problems some residents claim are persisting.

You can watch the story below. Warning, some graphic shots of bed bugs!


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