Allegheny County Health Department is tracking increase of bed bugs in Pittsburgh

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in bed bugs, pennsylvania reports that

The Allegheny County Health Department has seen an increase in calls about bedbugs. The tiny insects that live in mattresses were virtually eliminated by the use of D-D-T, a pesticide that was banned in the early ’70s.

During the past several decades, the bugs have made a big comeback.

Allegheny County Health Department Entomologist Bill Todaro said calls used to be few and far between and focused mainly on hotels or nursing homes, but now they have spread to apartments, row houses, single family homes and offices. Todaro said he receives about two or three calls a week.

And they’re spreading quickly!

“Right in the middle of Lawrenceville here where the whole street is a row house and they bring in bedbugs into the row house. Within months the whole street has all their bedding out for the garage,”Todaro said.

David Cain of tells similar stories of the spread of bed bugs along a street.

When it comes to bed bugs, “no man is an island.”

If you have bed bugs in your city, neighborhood, or street, it affects you, and you need to tell local elected officials to take action to stop the spread.

via Bedbugs Are Back; Health Dept. Sees Increase In Reports – News Story – WPXI Pittsburgh.

1 bugbasher April 1, 2009 at 8:44 pm

I really wish they (the media) would stop describing bb’s as living in your mattress.It gives the reader the impression that these bugs don’t crawl ALL over the place including your adjacent neighbors apt.Imho,it just makes people feel like they are no big deal,you just chuck your mattress and you’re done.Nothing could be further from the truth.

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