Bed bugs at Spring Valley, NY apartment complex

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Every unit in a large (five building, 70-unit) apartment complex, Spring Valley Commons, in Spring Valley, NY, is getting treated for bed bugs.

Suzan Clarke of the Journal News reports that:

The treatment – which begins today – comes after residents complained to the county’s health department that they were being bitten in their homes but didn’t know the source of the bites.

Health department inspectors found bedbugs in three apartments in January, and ordered the units treated.

Some residents have said they suffered ill effects from being bitten. One woman, Cassandra Edwards, said she spent thousands of dollars on specialized medical care after she started “breaking out” last fall. Doctors initially thought the situation was due to her lupus, and prescribed medications that didn’t help and caused her to gain weight.

After months had passed without relief, she woke up one morning in December to discover that her bed was crawling with bedbugs.

Her apartment has been treated, and the pests no longer are present, but she said she’s been door-to-door in the complex and found that more than 20 people have a similar problem.

Some observations:

1.  Bed bugs most certainly can be bad for your health. Besides the itching and possible infection of bed bug bites, sleep deprivation, stress, anxiety, and potential serious allergic reactions including (in rare cases) anaphylaxis, many people may receive incorrect treatment — as Ms. Edwards did — because doctors simply cannot determine the source of bed bug-related skin problems.

2.  The article implies that if you rent in Spring Valley and have bed bugs, you can call the county health department and they will apparently inspect your home and order treatment. Wikipedia tells me this is the Rockland County Health Department.

3.  Bed bugs left to fester will spread.

The article notes,

Edwards welcomed the action on the part of the management company, but said it came way too late. She and her neighbors were angry because they said management knew about the bedbug problem since last year and failed to inform tenants.

If they had, she and others could have been spared the upset of having to pack up or discard numerous belongings in order to have apartments treated.

via Bedbug treatment expanded at Spring Valley Commons | | The Journal News.

1 paulaw0919 March 29, 2009 at 9:35 am

Absolutely appalling that treatment didn’t get done until many people had to go to the county’s health dept! That’s unreal! I think it’s safe to assume that many of these residents tried to get help through management, owner of the building etc.. first.

Now a year of spread later, they have a much bigger and more expensive problem to deal with. I’m sure after not getting any assistance many residents probably tried to fix the problem themselves which obviously helped spread the problem through the complex as well can be very dangerous.

It’s very good that they are getting some sort of treatment now.Hopefully proper, aggressive treatment. As is stated above, what ever bugs are left over….will live to return and keep spreading. Bed bugs being in this building untreated for over a YEAR! It’s horrifying to think of how many of these families relatives, vehicles, workplaces, schools may now have a problem…..(and the spread goes on….)

I give Cassandra Edwards huge honors for seeking out other neighbors to find out how spread the problem was. She certainly did her homework on how bed bugs work, and did her part to assist in proper treatment of the building. Hurray for Cassandra and others who insisted on getting the help they need!

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