Bed bugs hit Yale’s Lanman-Wright Hall

by nobugsonme on March 26, 2009

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The Yale Daily News reports bed bugs have recently been found (and apparently successfully treated) in an Old Campus student room.

Around Valentine’s Day weekend, a student in Lanman-Wright Hall had a visitor in her bed.

The freshman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said she initially thought she was having an allergic reaction. The red blotches on her body — on every surface of her skin that was not covered by pajamas — were a reaction to another culprit: bedbugs.

“I found a friend on my pillow,” she said of the bedbug, which, she recalled, was the size of her pinky nail.

Although the L-Dub bedbug was a seemingly isolated incident, in the month after it was discovered a group of administrators gathered to discuss the problem of bedbugs, Dean of Administrative Affairs John Meeske ’74 said. Old Campus residents were informed of the incident at the beginning of March.

The University decided to re-inspect the affected suite and its neighboring room during spring break, even though the rooms were treated for bedbugs within two days of finding the pest in February. No other bedbugs were subsequently found in Lanman-Wright.

One of the students in a neighboring suite said she was surprised to hear about the microscopic guest across the hall.

“I thought it was something that only existed in nursery rhymes,” she said.

via Yale Daily News – Bedbugs make an unwelcome appearance in Lanman-Wright.

Every student in every college should be educated about bed bugs — no one should think that bed bugs only exist in nursery rhymes.

Some colleges have used educational campaigns to help students learn about this problem, a good preventive measure.  Stanford has a PDF about bed bugs on their website [admin note: dead link deleted 2015], though it is not easy to find by searching.

Update 3/2015:

Link fixed for Yale Daily News story.
Note: as of March 2015, Yale has a bed bug protocol you can download here:(bed bug protocol).

This is excellent news: every educational institution should be proactive about bed bugs.


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