Marc Maron of Air America Radio had bed bugs?!?

by nobugsonme on March 13, 2009 · 2 comments

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How could we have missed Air America Host Marc Maron’s bed bug saga?

These Breakroom Live videos are tagged on YouTube as “humor,” but Maron sounds exactly like someone with bed bugs, so I guess that part is all-too-real.

Here, he talks about the fear that bed bugs aren’t gone, and the feeling of creepy-crawliness that bedbuggers know all too well — the itchy heebie-jeebies you get when a hair or item of clothing brushes against your skin.

And then here’s Marc Maron at the Container Store, buying airtight containers, to keep bed bugs out after treatment. Sorry to say it, but that black lidded tub is so not airtight…

And here, he’s talking about sealing his floor boards to keep bed bugs from coming back.

Marc Maron, have you been on our forums?!?

Perhaps some Air America listeners could tell us if Maron has been talking about bed bugs on his radio segments as well?

I really hope his bed bugs are gone for good. And even though I know he’s letting off steam and using his life as material, I totally love that he’s helping raise people’s awareness about this problem.


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