CTV report on bed bugs in an Ottawa home

by nobugsonme on February 19, 2009

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This week, Canada’s CTV has been featuring stories on pests that invade the home. There’s a video story on bed bugs in an Ottawa home — an in-depth examination of what it’s like to live with, and fight bed bugs.

The young woman interviewed (anonymously) in this interview is the daughter of Itchy-Scratchy, a Bedbugger forums regular.

Click here and go down to the item entitled “CTV Ottawa Joanne Schnurr on getting rid of bed bugs.”

We’re all really grateful to Itchy-Scratchy for all the support she provides in the forums, and to Itchy-Scratchy and her daughter for trying to educate the world about bed bugs.

We hope their own bed bug problem is gone for good very soon.

More stories on bed bugs in Ottawa.


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