Pueblo, Colorado issues health advisory about bed bugs

by nobugsonme on February 4, 2009

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KOAA.com reports that

The Pueblo City-County Health Department has issued an advisory about bed bugs, following multiple cases of people complaining of bites or rashes.

We could not find anything on the health department’s website. But an additional story on KKTV.com says the advisory was “sent out” by the dept.

Public education about bed bugs is crucial in helping people become aware of the problem. If you do not know bed bugs exist, and are spreading in your area, then you will not know to look for them. Bravo to Pueblo’s health dept. for warning residents that this problem exists.

The information presented is not perfect, however. It only mentions bed bugs which are 1/4″ long and “reddish-brown,” whereas first instar nymphs are translucent and as small as 1/32″ or 1 mm long. This is important for people to know.

I also wish the information explained that a large segment of the population does not react to bed bug bites.

Bed bugs are found everywhere, and Pueblo is not the only Colorado city (or county) suffering from bed bug bites. Here’s an additional article on bed bugs in Boulder, Colorado, and one on bed bugs in Denver.


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