New Jersey: all hands on deck! A-3203 coming up for discussion tomorrow!

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PolicickerNJ reports A-3203 is coming up for consideration Thursday.

Also to be considered is legislation (A-3203) Assembly members Joan M. Quigley (D-Hudson), L. Grace Spencer (D-Essex), L. Harvey Smith (D-Hudson), Cleopatra Tucker (D-Essex) and Nilsa Cruz-Perez (D-Camden) sponsored to hold landlords responsible for keeping multi-unit apartment complexes free of bedbug infestations.

The sponsors crafted the legislation after news reports detailed severe outbreaks of bedbugs in apartment complexes across Hudson County. In these instances, the tenants, some of whom had nothing to do with the initial infestation, were being charged for extermination.

“It is disgusting to think that there are places in New Jersey where renters are being forced to cohabitate with vermin, simply because they cannot afford a proper extermination,” Quigley said. “Tenants should not have to pay extra simply to live in a clean and safe environment.”

New Jerseyites, email or call your Assembly members!

More on A-3203 here.

1 nobugsonme February 8, 2009 at 7:14 pm

A-32-3 passed 74-3. You can read more about it in the Press of Atlantic City, which writes,

Under the bill approved by a 74-3 vote in the Assembly, landlords of multiple-dwelling units must have bed-bug infestations removed as soon as they learn about them. Landlords must also give tenants pamphlets, which will be developed by the state Department of Health and Senior Services, warning them about bed bugs. It also establishes deadlines by which landlords must deal with bed bug infestations.

Landlords who don’t take appropriate actions face fines of $300 for each infested bedroom and $1,000 for each infested common area.

“Renters should not have to live silently with bedbug infestations,” said Assemblywoman Joan Quigley, D-Hudson, a bill sponsor. “Tenants who want to live in a clean and safe environment need the piece of mind that their landlord will work with them to ensure the sanctity of their home.”

2 ncunningham March 2, 2010 at 3:37 pm

What is the Public School Nurse’s responsibility if a student brings bedbugs to school andthey are seen by the staff? Shouldn’t a parental notification go out and the entire school be treated?

3 nobugsonme March 2, 2010 at 4:53 pm

Hi ncunningham,

In my opinion, parents should be notified and the school should be carefully inspected and treated.

Please note that if you see bed bugs on a student or their desk or belongings, you should not assume that that particular student brought the bed bugs in. They may already be harboring in the school, or may have been brought in by any students or staff, and then subsequently crawled onto this student or their stuff. In most cases, it’s difficult to tell how the bed bugs got there, and they hitchhike easily. They may have been brought in by someone who does not even know they have them at home.

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