Wrexham Council in Wales offers bed bug inspections to all tenants

by nobugsonme on December 28, 2008

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The Evening Leader reports that Wrexham Council is offering its tenants an inspection to rule out bed bugs.

A FREE inspection and advice service is available from Wrexham Council for residents who may be worried about the possibility their home has bed bugs.

People wanting to make use of the facility should telephone 01978 298989 to arrange for a pest control officer to visit.

Private tenants should report bed bug problems to their landlord. If the landlord is not prepared to carry out the treatment, the tenant should contact the local authority with the landlord’s details.

While it is true that small or moderate infestations might not be easily detected by a human inspector, I certainly appreciate the council’s effort, as it signals a willingness to detect bed bug infestations before the tenants even notice them.

Since there are always some folks who cannot or will not ask for such help, an even better idea would be mandatory inspections of all council flats by a bed bug professional working with a reputable bed bug dog. (I am not sure what the local laws dictate regarding this.) Second best would be voluntary inspections with a bed bug dog. A human who takes the time to search carefully can also do a nice job.

Wrexham Council also have a section of their website on pest control which is devoted to bed bugs. Residents of Wexham take note: it’s not perfect; one fact it does not mention is that tenants may not feel itchy bites and may also not see anything, at least at first.


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