Bed bugs on Today with Meredith Viera and Janice Lieberman, today

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The video below, from the the Today Show, focuses on the tenacity of bed bugs (giving the example of one family who spent $6000 on treatment and then had a dog come in because they still had bed bugs). What went wrong?

It contains some not quite precise information (Bill Whitstine of Florida Canine Academy is credited as Bill Whitestone). The show also cited the University of Florida bed bug k9 research, saying a recent study found “dogs were 98% accurate in finding bed bugs.”

Bed bug dogs can be an effective tool for detecting the presence of bed bugs. But the statement out of context is misleading to consumers new to the idea of bed bug detecting dogs, since it does not clarify that the training a dog receives and the handler it is working with probably make a big difference in terms of the dog’s effectiveness for the job. The site conditions are also relevant to the effectiveness of the dog, or so we have been told.

Nevertheless, we are always glad to see bed bugs in the news, because it helps raise awareness. Consumers need to be aware of how costly and difficult it can be to get rid of bed bugs.

Update (10 minutes later): Doug Summers, who is the bed bug dog handler featured (but not named) in the video, tells us the home had four vikane treatments. The family is probably being reinfested via some source. See Doug’s comments in the forums.

1 Action Termite and Pest Control December 9, 2008 at 9:54 am

Action Termite and Pest Control is proud to own two beautiful dogs that were trained by Bill Whitstine at the Florida Canine Accademy. Sara and Rex, lab mixes that were from a Florida Dog Rescue, are now working throughout New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Bill is a great trainer and really cares about his dogs. Both Sara and Rex are friendly and hardworking.

Action is very pleased to offer our bed bug dog detection services.

2 nobugsonme December 9, 2008 at 11:36 am

Hi Action,

Welcome to Bedbugger. We’re glad you are happy with your dogs and thanks for stopping to say hello!

Please do read the terms and conditions of use for this website. We had to delete your other comment since it was in violation of our policies.

Professionals are very welcome to post on Bedbugger and to tell us which company you work for as you did here (it’s encouraged, actually). But advertising is not permitted in the comments or forums.

3 Benett Pearlman February 9, 2009 at 9:31 am

Bedbug Detecting Dogs are a fantastic way of finding bedbugs. However it is very difficult to ever know how qualified the dog is since there is currrently no criteria in place to regulate this field. Therefore all a company needs to do is buy a “bedbug dog” which comes with a certificate from the canine bedbug detection trainer. No goverment agency either state or federal regulates this process. Can a person get a bachelors degree from a non-accredited institution? So though it can be a fantastic means by which to detect bedbugs I suggest that the buyer beware. Get the company to give you 5 references in your area and call to verify the accuracy of the canine bedbug inspection.

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