It’s summer in Australia, and the bed bugs are in high gear

by nobugsonme on December 5, 2008

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Bed bugs bite year round, but they breed more quickly in warmer weather.

Bed bug expert entomologist Dr. Stephen Doggett of Westmead Hospital spoke to Australia’s Daily Telegraph about the problem, which appears to be as bad down under as anywhere.

Calls about the problem increased 4500% from 2000-2006, and “Westmead’s entomology unit had calculated the bugs cost $100 million in lost hotel revenue and eradication costs in Australia” during the same six-year period.

$100 million in lost revenue and eradication costs.

We can only assume the same is happening in other places with bed bug problems, like New York, Toronto, Boston, San Francisco, Halifax, London, and, well, everywhere else.

You’d think that the hotel industry would be falling over itself to sponsor research and development into better solutions, and lobbying for legislation to help curb the problem.

But I suspect that everywhere, just as Doggett told the Daily Telegraph about the local situation, “The accommodation industry does not want to admit the scale of the problem.”

And we all know what the first step is, right folks?

Admitting you have a big problem.

Well, okay. Perhaps the 12-steppers have it wrong.

Perhaps the first step is education.

The Daily Telegraph tells us, “Westmead Hospital will, for the first time, run courses on how to detect and control the blood suckers next year.”

And if anyone knows, they do. Doggett, and Westmead, are behind this amazing publication.


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