Law student sues over bed bugs in Reserve Square apartments, Cleveland

by bedbugger on November 19, 2008 · 3 comments

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James F. McCarty of the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported Monday that

A law student has sued one of downtown Cleveland’s chicer high-rises, contending that bedbugs drove him from two apartments — and flying gnats from a third.

In his lawsuit, Joshua Bobrowsky said the blood-sucking vermin in three Reserve Square apartments left him with painful welts and months of psychological and emotional distress. He seeks $142,000 in damages.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Bobrowsky, 26, of Pittsburgh, said in an interview Tuesday. “It was just a very horrible experience. Life isn’t enjoyable anymore when you think that everything you own is infested with parasites.”

A few questions:

1.  It is very easy to move bed bugs from one unit to another.  Could this account for Bobrowsky’s second apartment in the building having bed bugs?

2.  The “chicest” high rises in Cleveland charge $1650 for a 3-bedroom?  

(I just heard a rush of Manhattanites and their offspring running through the tunnel to New Jersey– they’re on their way, Cleveland!)

3.  Flying gnats?  Aren’t they a lot easier to get rid of than bed bugs?

Thanks to the Bedbugger who tipped me off to this one!

1 nobugsonme November 19, 2008 at 3:41 am

added to lawsuit faq.

2 nobugsonme December 23, 2008 at 3:44 am

Update from the Cleveland Plain Dealer Metro blog here.

City inspectors met last week with building managers to review their procedures and to verify that the bedbug problem was under control.

“They feel confident that the building has professional expertise involved, that they’re being responsive to the complaints and that they’re moving in the right direction,” Health Department Director Matt Carroll said.

He confirmed that Bobrowsky wasn’t the only tenant to complain about bedbugs.

“Our best assessment is that there’s been positive movement and that if there were any issues that they’re being addressed now,” Carroll said.

Babrowsky’s lawyer said he is pursuing the lawsuit against K&D in Cleveland Municipal Court and is seeking $142,000 in damages.

“Clearly there’s a bedbug problem there with people getting multiple bites,” attorney Sebastian Proels said. “At least five to 10 more people who lived there lost their lease money and paid full rent for uninhabitable and substandard living conditions.”

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