Bakersfield family battles bed bugs

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A Bakersfield, California family is suffering from bed bugs. KBAK News 29 reports:

Kay Hammer lives in the 1900 block of Hasti-Acres Drive, and says the family started getting bitten shortly after they moved in.

The Hammer family may not be the only ones in the building suffering from bed bug bites:

Eyewitness News talked to several other neighbors in the apartment building, and some reported they had suffered with bug bites. The spokeswoman from the health department said those could be bed bug bites.

The problem has been expensive and disruptive to their lives, as it is for so many:

The Hammers now have almost no furniture in the living room. They sleep on air mattresses, except for one new bed that appears to be clear of bed bugs so far. Kay Hammer hopes the landlord will get the building professionally treated to get rid of the bed bugs.

“I can’t move,” said Hammer. “If I move I take them with me. So I’m just kind of in limbo right now.”

The article also contained a clue on what to do if you are a tenant in Bakersfield with bed bugs, and the landlord is not treating:

Hammer contacted Bakersfield City Code Compliance, but Officer Wanda Neal said her department refers any bed bug cases to the health department or professional pest control companies.

“Bed bugs are something that’s not easily visible,” said Neal. “So that’s why we’re not professionals, and we leave that up to the Health Department where they’ve been trained — and the professionals, where they’ve been trained.”

Neal said Code Compliance can send a letter to the landlord and tenant if there is an alleged bed bug infestation. Neal said that had been done in the case of the Hammer apartment.

You can read the entire article or watch the video here.

1 maria casillas March 12, 2009 at 2:09 pm

it has been 4 weeeks we have bed bugss our children and my self are suffering from bites we have try fogger and spray all over ver rooms and it does not help

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