46 Westland Avenue Rats, Bed Bugs, Cockroaches

by nobugsonme on November 7, 2008

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That’s the title of a video on YouTube that Paulaw0919 pointed me to today.

In the video, three young people who say they live in several apartments at 46 Westland Avenue (including the basement and apartment 4) appear in the video, along with three cavorting rats, and some cockroaches.

The tenants speak of being bitten by bed bugs and seeing them, and display what appear to be many bed bug bites on each of them. Two (at least) claim to be students at Boston’s Berklee College.

This is the building on ApartmentRatings.com and The Bed Bug Registry.

I hope the tenants have called Boston’s Inspectional Services Division, who put out a Bed Bug Advisory flyer (click here for a PDF) which states:

If your Landlord fails to take proper action as required by State Housing Regulations, contact the Housing Inspection Division at: (617) 635-5322

If the tenants have already contacted Boston’s ISD, I hope they will do so again.

Finally, a disclaimer: we have no way of verifying if these claims are truthful or not.

And a warning: there are no actual bed bugs shown in the video, but it is pretty disturbing nonetheless. Unless rats are your thing.


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