San Francisco woman settles bed bug case out of court for $71K

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SFist reports (based on a City Star report) that

… a woman who received more than 400 bedbug bites during her stay at San Francisco’s Ramada Plaza Hotel has received $71,000 to settle her claim against the downtown hotel. The out-of court settlement is the largest ever paid to victims in similar bedbug-attack cases.

That’s four hundred bites in 3 days.

And she claims that the bites eventually caused two ongoing skin conditions: dermatographic urticaria, and steroid acne, which DermNet NZ claims can be caused by taking steroids.

1 Doug Summers MS October 26, 2008 at 5:24 pm

The outcome of this case should be a wake up call for the hotel industry.

Having bed bugs in your establishment may create an exposure for actionable health claims that can result in the payout of thousands of dollars in settlements.

The only reasonable solution to this nightmare scenario is to institute an aggressive program of staff education & proactive bed bug inspection programs utilizing Bed Bug Dogs™.

The Bed Bug Dog™ is the best surveillance and detection device for that is currently available.

If you wait for complaints from guests that have been bitten…you will always stay behind the curve and your costs will be higher.

An experienced Bed Bug Dog™ K9 Team can detect bed bug infestations early before there are any bite reports or obvious visual signs.

Accurate real time detection of bed bug infestations at three minutes per room is an affordable approach to protect both your guest’s health and your reputation as a quality establishment.

Doug Summers MS
Florida K9 Academy

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