Bella Vista residents in New Haven are getting bed bug k9 inspections

by nobugsonme on September 17, 2008 · 2 comments

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Remember the Bella Vista in New Haven? That was the complex where low-income, elderly and disabled residents found out their building had bed bugs by watching the news.

Now Radar of Advanced K-9 Detectives is searching for bed bugs with his beagle nose. Watch this clip from News 8 in New Haven.

Carl Massicott of Advanced K-9 may be overstating claims of bed bug sniffing dog effectiveness (he says bed bug k9s are 98-100% effective, a number not quite borne out by recent research).

Massicott also says human detection is 30% accurate; I think that a good human who does a thorough examination would have better accuracy than this; one who does the most cursory inspection (as many do) may be even less accurate.

And what kind of advice is Marilyn Watstein getting? First, we’re told the PCO and management told her she had no bed bugs; Radar found them in her mattress. (So far so good!)

The reporter says, “it’s her mattress that’s infested, so she’s taken off all the bedding” (cut to shot of sheets in an open garbage bag) “and is waiting for them to spray and wrap the mattress” (this over a shot of someone’s enormous handbag sitting on the stripped mattress).

I understand the main focus in this segment may have been good video, as opposed to good bed bug fighting practices, but we are told the bed was stripped because bed bugs were found in the mattress.

Why then is the bag of potentially infested bedding sitting open on the floor, and why, oh why in the name of all things sensible, was someone’s enormous tan handbag on top of the mattress where bed bugs had been found moments before?!?

Presumably that handbag will be leaving the building, and it has the potential of spreading bed bugs further.

I think it is excellent that the building has called in a bed bug sniffing dog. Residents of infested units need simultaneous, prompt treatment even if they have not seen signs of bed bugs, or noticed any bites, and a good bed bug sniffing dog increases the odds of detecting such cases.

I don’t know if that handbag belonged to someone in the News 8 production crew or to Ms. Watstein herself, but it should be carefully isolated, inspected, and possibly treated for bed bugs.

1 Vector Guard Inc September 18, 2008 at 7:34 am

We are joining the fight with advance K-9 we have put together a team of our bedbug sniffing dogs and Mattress Safe mattress protectors to put together a commercial that will be airing soon. We are looking for a pest control company to join forces with us to complete the team and provide all the needed education, inspection, protection and treatment to assist the public with all thier bedbug needs.

2 paulaw0919 September 19, 2008 at 9:00 am

Did anyone else notice it looked like they were discarding infested furniture into a “thrift store” truck?!? I would like to know what’s being done with that. Are those items being destroyed or sold? If that truck with those items in it aren’t being fumigated..then that delivery truck will then have the potential to spread bed bugs.

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