Bed bugs infest Lexington, Kentucky public housing complex

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Bed bugs are taking over a Lexington, Kentucky public housing apartment complex.  According to, residents of the Connie Griffith and Ballard apartment complexes on Tower Plaza Road are suffering from bed bug bites. The buildings are run by the Lexington Housing Authority for residents aged 55 and older.

WKYT claims more than a hundred people are suffering with bed bugs in the two buildings. The Health Department claims the management are trying to resolve the problem. You can watch the video or read the article here.

1 sandra October 19, 2009 at 5:49 pm

Has this bill passed yet to make the lanlords/landlady’s responsible for the infestation and clean up?

2 nobugsonme October 19, 2009 at 6:03 pm

Hi sandra,

It depends where you live, whether landlords are responsible for paying for bed bug treatment. We do not know of any areas where landlords are held responsible for bed bug prep, so some do help voluntarily.

This pamphlet from the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department (click for PDF) tells residents there to call their landlords and have them arrange for treatment:

If you live in an apartment building and think there are bed bugs, you need
to call your landlord about the problem. All apartments in a building with
bed bugs need to be checked and treated. You or your landlord need to
call a licensed pest control company to schedule an appointment for an
inspection and treatment.

If you do not live in Lexington-Fayette, KY, then you should consult this incomplete list where we’ve detailed other laws we’re aware of regarding landlords and tenants.

If that fails, please contact a local tenants’ organization (google should help) or ask a reference desk librarian in a public library to help you find out your rights regarding elimination of pests in a rental unit. And please share what you find, so we can help others.

3 sandra October 19, 2009 at 9:50 pm

I will checl your web sites out but wanted to give you more details. My neighbor had then and at that time when he found them I had no idea how they work or what harm they cause all I knew is that the landlady sprayed his apt. and never reported it to the health office ( heard through the grape vine she and health department inspector are friends?) So she could have got him to make a copy of her reporting the spraying of my neighbors. I am here to tell you she will do anything to anyone and I am on her tail big time. She has cost me by not reporting it to me and other renters and we all got so infested it was pittiful ! I am still having complications mentaly and lost all my heirlooms, bedding, well all cloth in my apt. and I didn’t have cheap stuff. Right before I found out I had them I had gone to the doctors because of itching and swelling and my stress level was very high. The ER Doctor put me in the hospital for 2 days then ruled out no heart problems and said itching, swelling and stress is all he could come up with. Two days later my son came over and stayed some with me and each morning he would awaken with bites all over him, his turned into very bad infected sores and knots he also sought medical treament. She refused to have my place sprayed and told everyone in the apt. complex I was just doing this to get a quick insurance check from my renters insurance. I use to have insurance, but let it go being on a fixed income couldnt afford it. I suspect she thought I still had it and it was a private matter at that and she was telling everyone and I have on tape where she was telling one lady about it.

Not until I raised hell and went to the health office she finally had my apt. sprayed AFTER I had borrowed money to hire people to remove the infested things and hire a lady to clean my apt. from top to bottom. I left all my boxes open and tubs so when he did spray he could spray in them too. I called housing and got them to transfer my program to another county. I have noted every conversation and my document folder is full from her actions to the people at home office and the owners and then some more. I have tons of pictures too. There is one lady up there she told her I am just doing this and even got the bug man who sprayed to agree with her that we all were bug free. After sleeping in my a for 4 nights I finally got the money I borrowed and went and bouoght a air mattress. At 2am this lady knocked on my door and showed me a jar full of bed bugs where they were ate up with them in her apt. She said I am so sorry for doubting you and at that time I had no idea what she was talking about and she told me the manager said this stuff about me. I was shocked. then the next day is when I recorded her talking to the manager and telling her what a liar she was for doing this to her and me and others and telling her how bad she had lied about me. This is when she admitted she told her about my insureance.

Oh I am highly pissed about it all, she had called me a N word and I am white, she cursed me, she even slapped that other lady, she lied to all the people telling them there were no bugs and if there were it was just a few and the man sprayed and all will be ok. Well in a couple of weeks I guess from hatching and hiding they appear again double the amount. She told the tenants to go buy spray and when I got word of it I contacted the state where they fund the housing rent. So they made her spray again. Still hasn’t done any good I got a call tonight from two different people who said they are in there apts again annd spreading to the other floors. When I packed my things up I left and lived in my daughters garage for three weeks. Finally got this program working and moved out. I am still under doctors care and my nerves cannot take anymore. I have had to have someone to come in this place and clean and vac so many times just to make sure I didn’t carry one in here. I am disabled with a breathing problem from working in chemcials and they owners said it was safe for me to be around the chemcials when he sprayed, well I wonder why the skin peeled off my feet then? I cannot sleep, I strip my bed each night and raise my mattress ( new ones) up and check all around before I can lay in the bed, I itch but I haven’t found a things I think it is my nerves. I have gotten my family to come in here and each one start a search and they cannot find anything either, well I aint got much cloth left really I bought new mattress and my son gave me a love seat, I have two towels to my name and my daughter in law bought me some wash cloths. It has been unreal what this has done to me. Above all this has put me in a terrible bind money wise, I only get so much a month and now I AM ALREADY IN THE MINUS FOR NEXT MONTH and will be untill I get a farm sold my father left me. I am going to have to go back to work and not sure if I can I have oxygen, nebulizers, and all kinds of meds I take that make me sleepy and when I do try and find someone who will except me I lose my medical benifits. I would have to have a job making 20 dollars a hour to pay for all my meds and doctor visits and hospitals stays when I go into those breathing attacks soemtimes I have to go to the ER room. This has hurt me in more ways than one. I have talked to several lawyers and the ones I talk to don’t do this kind of case.. I am what?? It is personal injury and seems like no one does them? I have even contacted an attorney on here and haven’t yet heard back from him?

By not informing me/us the manager should be reliable for this damage. I just wish someone would help me. Even Legal Aid said today been since aug. 20 and they are just now getting back to me. Said they don’t handle this type of case. I am just about to blow my brains out with this crap it has done something mentally to me and at one point I didn’t want to live, crazy I know, but it flips ya out ! I don’t know if I can work at all I have such a hard time already and if I cannot work to meet my bills here which are much higher than over at the old place, I don’t have anyone to stay with. My family don’t have any room for me unless I sleep on a chair and they have animals and I cannot be around aniamls. gees what a mess.

So if anyone reads this and knows anyone who will help me please forward or contact them with this story. I appreate you all helps.


4 nobugsonme October 19, 2009 at 10:15 pm

Hi sandra,

I am really sorry you’re going through all that.

I am not a lawyer and no one here can give legal advice.

As for your itching — it is possible that your skin is suffering effects from bites in your old home. It’s also possible you brought some bed bugs with you. Try not to panic, but if anyone has bite reactions or sees a bed bug, then definitely try and get professional assistance with treatment as soon as you can.

Please come to the forums if you want support or suggestions:

5 sandra October 22, 2009 at 5:56 am

Thanks, I haven’t seen one and I check so often, I do beleive it is just me thinking about all I have gone through and such. It really does play a mental game with you, it is almost over powering at time. The sad thing is, if I did fine them here at my new place I have noway to pay for a treatment I cannot ask the landlord since most likely I carried them in here? This has put me so far out in left field with my money there just isn’t any left over not a dime. I know that may sound weird, but it is the honest truth.

6 sandra October 22, 2009 at 7:37 am


383.595 Landlord’s maintenance obligations and agreements.
(1) A landlord shall:
(a) Comply with the requirements of applicable building and housing codes materially affecting health and safety;
(b) Make all repairs and do whatever is necessary to put and keep the premises in a fit and habitable condition;

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